Prostate Operation 28-03-2012

Prostate Operation 28-03-2012

In october 2010 i paid a visit to my GP complaining about my medical condition. The Docter suggested a medical, which confirmed an enlarged prostate! An Hospital appointment had been arranged localy and within a few months serveral PSA tests had been taken, during tests, which confirmed that i was also diabethec!

In the meantime months went by and my Family here in Wales and the Netherlands became concerned about my situation! They began searching the internet about prostate cancer. In Januari 2012 we found out that is was cancer! A biopsy had confirmed this, an an MRS scan followed a month later. In the mean time my sister in the Netherlands searched and found;Top Medical Care. She Emailed them and had a reaction straightaway!!

They asked for serveral information from my own Hospital. With all that we were able to plan the operation through Robotic Micro Surgery, according to the Davinci Method, straightaway! I had seen the operation being performed on the Website from Top Medical Care, so i knew what to expect! Several days before the operation i travelled to the Netherlands, by car, so i could maintain my independence while staying with my sister near Eindhoven.

She took me into Hospital. A representative from Top Medical Care awaited us and led us kindly into the check-in office. Hear i was given my "TAG" to clipp on my wrist. As an "in" patient, after that i was excorted to severral departments ex-rays, echoes by sound, flow tests, ect. And ended up on the medical ward. My own bedroom ensuite, lovely vieuw at the park, telephone, TV ect.

I feld great, my urineflow was as strong as ever, i feld 25 again!

The next day at 8.00AM my operation would take place, i was up at 6.00AM being prepared for surgery. All was very straight forward and understandable. Both dokters; Dr de Witt and Wagner spoke english very well, aswell as the other staff. They all were so nice and helpfull i never forget it!! The next day started early shower, breakfast, walking in the hallway ect, inorder to keep bloodcirculation going. Nurses check atleast every two ouwers at night checking the catheter.

I olso had physiotherapy to control lower muscles. I feld great, my urineflow was as strong as ever, i feld 25 again! By phone i contacted my family back in Wales, which was great!

It is hard to explain; one moment you have one foot in the grave and the nex you hane a party!! When the pathological report stated i was in the clear i cried of joy. I just lied down on my bed contemplating all that had happend. I was at total peace, having again a future ahead of me! I promised my self to help anyone within my ability, in order tocome about this live saving operation!!

Good luck!!!

Dirk van Rijswijk
West Wales UK

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